Crystal Structure of fran5-Bis(acetonitrile)dich]oroplatinum(II)


Klaus-Jürgen Range*, Manfred Zabel Institut für Anorganische Chemie, Universität Regensburg, D-93040 Regensburg Z. Naturforsch. 49b, 297-300 (1994); received July 13,1993 Crystal Structure, Absorption Data, frtfns-Bis(acetonitrile)dichloroplatinum(II) We have determined the crystal and molecular structure of fram-bis(acetonitrile)dichloroplatinum(II). Crystallographic data for fra/75'-Pt(CH3CN)2Cl2: monoclinic, space group P2j/c, a = 5.0453(9), b = 6.9896(5), c = 11.962(1) k ,ß = 101.40(1)°, V = 413.5 A3, Z = 2 ,D X = 2.796 gem-3,^(CuKa) = 377.5 cm'1, R = 0.0502, wR = 0.0529 for 43 variables and 807 reflec­ tions with F > 3 a(F). The Pt atom is in a planar configuration with N and Cl atoms in trans positions. The shortest distance between two Pt atoms corresponds to the length of the crys­ tallographic a-axis (5.045 A). Additionally, we present optical absorption data of the cisand Jrans-isomer.


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